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Did another party's negligence cause a car accident injury? You may be able to recover compensation for your losses such as damage to your car, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You will need an experienced attorney to recover all of the compensation you are entitled to receive, however. The other driver's insurance company will fight to deny your injury claim.

Windom Law Offices, PLLC provides car accident representation to injury victims and their families in North Central West Virginia. We understand that it only takes a minor car accident to cause injuries that require medical treatment and prevent you from working. We will investigate the accident to determine who is liable for your injuries. You can rely on our attorneys' experience as we work to recover compensation for you.

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Our West Virginia car accident lawyers can help you with all types of car accidents, regardless of how complex the case is. We represent people in car accident cases that involve:

Car accident injuries can range from broken bones and concussions to spinal cord injuries. To ensure that you collect sufficient compensation, we work with medical experts and economists to calculate the cost of your medical treatment. When appropriate, we also work with accident reconstruction experts to prove how the accident happened and who was at fault.

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